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/spam/ ~ The end of Tumblr Porn Dec19th
File 154411003993.gif - (351.60KB , 236x295 , tumblr_oa02orQvmH1vz78l4o1_250.gif )
1996 No. 1996
Shame really..
They had some great.gif archives

Where do we go for that kinda shit now?
Any ideas?
>> No. 1998
That's sad. In their early days they even had lots of preteen and early teen girl nudity, in addition to women! Some of it is still there in fact. A good example: This Japanese girl was photographed at 11 years old:
>> No. 2030
Theres a new one starting called Cumblr
>> No. 2031
hey thanks !

>> No. 2079
Doesn't load and Doesn't seem to do anything
>> No. 2133
still nothing...
>> No. 2195
anyone have luck signing up to cumblr?
>> No. 2230
A friend of mine posted several pictures of people underwater, and then those self-appointed censors at TUMBLR started ''flagging'' what they considered offensive material.

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