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/spam/ ~ If you Don't like Bigger Girls, Then IGNORE Them
File 154487180172.png - (177.80KB , 548x524 , Screenshot 2018-12-15 at 1_20_02 AM.png )
2028 No. 2028
You idiots that dislike bigger girls, then just FUCKING IGNORE them. DUH
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>> No. 2029
File 154490811082.jpg - (287.72KB , 575x618 , fat-girl-shaun.jpg )
You idiots who like fat girls: Shut the fuck up. They are for guys with low self esteem who are probably also fat. Can't attract hot girls.
>> No. 2033
File 154516367581.jpg - (432.26KB , 958x718 , skinny_684024.jpg )
Fat chicks are disgusting. Especially nowadays when fat feminists try to convince men that 'real women have curves' and all that bullshit. As if we're wrong to prefer women in good shape and healthy. Fuck off to all the fat lazy slob chicks who dress in men's clothes and flip flops. Enjoy your loneliness and future of taking care of cats.

Suppose men came out with a campaign of 'real men work at the gas station' - 'real men don't have jobs'. BULLSHIT.

Raise your standards men, don't stoop to the level of dating or spending money on fat chicks.
>> No. 2041
@2033 It's your own opinion if you find fat women disgusting. Some people prefer them thick, other prefer them slim, some prefer them tall, other prefer them preteen, other prefer them milf etc. Your own preferences are YOUR own preferences.

Fat feminists just want to convince it's their own personal right to be fat and not judged/insulted/annoyed by fitter people. That they can be hot and sexy aswell in their fat bodies. Their lives not yours. Live and let live. No need to be a dick to others just because they're fat. You're not wrong to prefer women who have good shape (considering YOUR personal criteria) and healthy. It's just what you prefer. That's all. Prefering thin women doesn't give one the right to oppress fat women. They're fat, that's all there is to it. Women who dress in "mens' clothes" and not necessarily fat by the way, and besides masculinity is simply a cultural concept, it's totally subjective. Women who want to wear mens' clothes are allowed to. Aswell as men are allowed to wear womens' clothes. A man that wears a skirt an a thong doesn't harm others, it's his choice. A woman that wears "mens' clothes" aswell. Their choices, not yours. Live and let live.

Fat people are people, they're just fat. It's their bodies. Their health. It's their own concerns. No need to direspect them as you're doing. You might be "in good shape and healthy" but your mentality is plain awful and disgusting.

And if some men prefer to fat women it's their preference. They have their criterias that differ than yours. It's all about subjective preferences. So learn respect, you piece of filth.
>> No. 2050
File 154592537683.png - (358.98KB , 969x546 , 47481.png )
Sorry Snowflake, you're wrong. It's YOU who are trying to pass off your opinion as a fact.

Here's my proof that men prefer women to be young and skinny:


The most popular card depicted a female body with a BMI of 19, which is borderline underweight and typically associated with youth. The study also found that the popularity of female body shapes decreased as the BMI increased.



There are hundreds more studies like this. Can you show me a report or study that proves your opinion that men prefer fat women? No, you can't. It's preposterous.

Your liberal notion that people should not be criticized for their behavior is bullshit. While there is a small percentage of fat women who are fat for a medical reason, the majority of them are fat because they over eat and do not exercise. Not only does this disgust me as they are ugly to look at but it costs me money. I end up paying for their excessive medical problems due to their obesity and lack of exercise.

Here's another fact for you. The only group in the U.S. who pay more in taxes than they take out are white men. And as a white man who pays half of his income in taxes, I'm sick of fat chicks clogging up the medical system and making me pay for it while little pussies like you encourage them in their slovenly, lazy behavior.

Every time I see a fat chick, she's with a loser. Losers like you.

Grow up, get a fucking job, and start paying taxes yourself. Then you might change your mind about people who sponge off the sytem. Stop kneeling before the vagina altar and realize that women are nothing but lying, manipulating leeches who prey on simps like you.
>> No. 2311
@Bastard .... Spoken like a true fat fuck

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