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/spam/ ~ Douchebags Wear Rugs
File 154801557441.png - (362.67KB , 361x379 , 154783716935.png )
2120 No. 2120
I don't wear a rug, only douchebags wear rugs.
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>> No. 2121
File 154801705388.jpg - (111.66KB , 625x901 , 6bf9fc4bc17f36da11d19067e4e5af4abc11d42d4f59dfeec4.jpg )
"I don't wear a rug, only douchebags wear rugs."

And only fags obsess over StarSessions. Do not be a fag....
>> No. 2122
Does your Mommy also wear a rug?
>> No. 2123
No. She still had her real hair at the time of her death.
>> No. 2124
How about now? Have you seen her lately? She probably looks like a zombie.
>> No. 2125
File 154801922535.jpg - (39.35KB , 588x440 , zombie.jpg )
Is this your Mommy?
>> No. 2134
nope but op's pic is exactly what a really dead completely useless so called living fuck looks like
and no it ain't a rug it's the hair he got from his ass just look at the farthburns lol
>>2125 must be your image in a mirror as most like you are as dead as she is made to appear dumbass..........
>> No. 2169
And he has Russian Whores piss on his head to color his hair and his face.

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