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/spam/ ~ Pedo Chat
File 154786138379.jpg - (1.20MB , 3110x4666 , IMG_8740_1.jpg )
2126 No. 2126
Don't want to tie-up the Chans with non-photo/video related stuff....
But looking for a good, safe outlet for open pedo chat.
Advice/guidance greatly appreciated.
>> No. 2127
Also interested. Need to talk to someone about this shit. Wats the safest way, Wickr on phone?
>> No. 2128
Video please
>> No. 2129
Can I please. Come join you guys in our sexy main common way of life ??
>> No. 2130
Please let me no how to safely chat to please💘
>> No. 2131
i would love to chat about young girls and boys
>> No. 2132
Come to the deepweb. There is alot of that here
>> No. 2186
Yes, me too. Been hiding in the bushes too long; would like to have a place to chat.
>> No. 2187
You could always create Wickr and chat with people of the same proclivity.

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