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/spam/ ~ Share anything you got
File 154988176389.jpg - (281.00KB , 1080x2155 , Screenshot_20190211-043819.jpg )
2207 No. 2207
someone come clutch with videos
>> No. 2208
How do you about getting banned. I made 3 accounts and get banned in days.
>> No. 2209
How safe is it to share on kik
>> No. 2210
Never use KIK, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, gmail etc tracking corporate crap. Get something like Wickr Me that is an encrypted denaturalized peer to peer system and email like Protonmail..

>> No. 2211
Love Wickr! Don't download malware + virus! I lost my pedo stroke buddy in January when I had to wipe my drive. Never could get back in touch with my Pedo Pen Pal on wickr or protonmail....

:(........ Tears for little miranda and my ddydtr buddy.

>> No. 2212
Same thing happen to me to. Re-installed app and kaboom. Lost my contacts :(
>> No. 2213
Califonria1212 It does happen. However your buddy shall return, mine did. Just keep checking your Wickr, he'll be on I'm sure again. I checked for months and one day my buddy logged on, at first he didn't know it was me, because I had changed my id, but luckily he kept his wickr the same.
>> No. 2214

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