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/spam/ ~ YouTube rust storm
File 155071106141.jpg - (271.84KB , 720x586 , 20190220_170038.jpg )
2229 No. 2229
Download and save all your favorites before the lea starts eyeing the likes and comments more so than now.
>> No. 2238
Google and YouTube content censoring
Looks seriously , you cannot find cute girls now .
They censored vids , leotard girls .
We should action , just search anti pedophile
Channel report those suckers as ads ,
fuck that “YouTuber named Mat whore “
massive report it , block it ,
let it feels like ass fucked fag use google rules!!
We have rights to see to watch cute girls!!
Hack if you can , those boo shit parasite should pay with its act , kill that son of !! Never let sounds!!
>> No. 2244
you can still find girls from youtube unless you're a retard and just follow recommendations

also, never comment anything unless it's a singing video and you just say bravo!
>> No. 2247
The real things they do is violating your rights
by stop linking another same girls content, today now.
They acting censorship because you retards still talking
About replys comments, they censored images, stop vids
recommend which show you more same vids , you cannot use your browser because they won’t promote content anymore!! Stupid insensitive retards , you think you’re cool like you before, go challenge those boo shit channels !! Seriously

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