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/spam/ ~ My thoughts on CP and Pedophilia
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2258 No. 2258
I have been wanting to get this off my mind for a long time.
First off, I'd like to say there is a reason for me being attracted to the content on the triforce. Yes it is sexual in nature. It is me trying to live my childhood days when I had girls younger than me showing me things that would sexually attract me. No I couldn't do anything about it because of the parents and other children being around. Yes I was sexually aware by the time I was 10 after discovering masturbation at the age of 8.

So here it goes.
A lot of people look down on what we do here, the content and the whole idea of sexualizing underage boys/girls.

It is illegal, punishable and looked down upon.

However I'd like to make some points here.

Girls attain puberty by the age of 8-10 years and boys by the age of 11-12.

Now everyone knows what attaining puberty means.
But still let's look at what it actually means.
As per Wikipedia "Puberty is the process of physical changes through which a child's body matures into an adult body capable of sexual reproduction."

Now being a man, I am here, looking at a girls body.
The moment she hits puberty, it doesn't only mean starting to grow pubic hair or budding breasts, but even their periods begin.

What does it mean for a girl to start having periods?
Normally sex was only meant for reproduction and for a girl, whose periods have begun, it means, naturally her body is ready for reproduction.

Now answer me this, for reproduction, sex is required. The fact that a girl starts having her periods as early as 8 years old, means her body is ready for reproduction through sex. Correct?

If it were not to happen this way, then why would nature intend it to be like this?

Now to come to the point of this being illegal, punishable and frowned upon.

Let's look at history.
Japan has this whole loli and shota culture which they have been showing since ages.
Be it in hentai or even a little hint in movies.
But that's not all. Russia for ages has had this incest culture involving underage/preteen boys and girls.
Disney for that matter has always had some sexual innuendo in their movies with most of their princesses being underage.
The movie industry in the past has had movies that has shown girl/boy with older man/woman like Lolita and Milena. Underage girl and boy like Blue lagoon.
MTV had a show on teenage pregnancy.

All the sets of famous Lolita models, CP, videos, pictures have come since the early 1960's to the late 1990's. Color Climax was a series with a lot of CP. The only content that comes now are webcam type videos.

Now to come to the point, "pedophilia"has existed since ages and was shown and indulged in by the baby boomers. The Millennial's are not very open about it, Gen Z is kinda open about it with lot of content being shared/reshared and people actually indulging in underage sex.

I have been seeing a lot of people opening up about having sex with an underage teen or pre-teen girl. The people who look down on it, I have come to learn, love the idea secretly and even want an experience.
Everyone, secretly is a pedophile, be it a man or a woman.
I have had friends who normally look down on it, but after getting drunk or high say they would love to have such an experience.

There are loli/shota hentai forums people have created since CP is illegal. But isn't that content also pretty much pointing to pedophilia?

I have seen boys from Gen Z who are between the ages of 15-17, taking a sexual interest or indulging in sexual behavior with girls aged 11-14 and the girls loving it too, maybe. They are more open about this.

Now, baby boomer are the ones who mostly created and circulated such content, and now are the ones who are in the places where they can make laws to make it illegal.

Let me ask some questions.
Why was it okay for baby boomers to indulge in, take pictures, make videos of pedophilia and basically child porn?

Why is it that when an underage couple indulges in sexual behavior, it is okay?
When it is a woman who is a pedo, she is hardly punished for it, but a man is basically sent to hell.
When it was done by the baby boomers, it was okay?
Why was it okay to show such content in commercial movies?
Why can't people accept that yes they love the idea of having sex with some underage, pre-teen boy/girl?
Why can't people be more open about it instead of loving the idea secretly?

Basically I'll repeat what I said earlier, everyone secretly, is a pedo.

I had a lot to say, but have said it as shortly as possible.

Debate it, rebut it, discuss it, curse it; but please, be honest about it.
>> No. 2293
I guess no one has the time to read this.
>> No. 2294
Jaxxx89, Lots here to read. Don't think you wrote for nothing. I've written a lot on here and 144. I appreciate the discourse. Will comment when I have time.

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