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/spam/ ~ some child porn censored - some not ????
File 15519038077.jpg - (158.70KB , 799x1035 , 2911.jpg )
2282 No. 2282
this is not a not a complaint , but i struggle to understand why some photos are censored , because in others we can see countless uncensored photos of spread open vagina/asshole etc. if u guys are worried about the site getting shut down , there is already enough stuff here for that to happen anyway
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>> No. 2283
If only you could have censored that behemoth above. I'd give up cp to never see that beast again.
>> No. 2284
Exactly the mods are fucking idiots, if they were worried about getting shut down then they'd need to take the entire site down, it's all incriminating.
>> No. 2285
It would be one thing if it varied from chan to chan. 144, 155, 180 have different mods, so you'd expect SOME differences.

But there's ZERO consistency within the SAME threads, let alone from chan to chan.

Mods delete pics from threads that are no different from the ones they don't delete.


Looks, the site almost never goes down. They never get busted.

So it means they are not in the US or any other Western country. If the mods/server were in the US or Germany or UK, they'd have been shutdown and arrested a while ago. Hell, in the US, the advertisers could also be charged with conspiracy to manufacture child porn.

So, clearly, they are in one of the suburbs or civilization.

My guess is Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan or worse places. Somewhere the cops are hardly tech savvy or up to date on the latest tech.

A place that doesn't give a fuck what the US Dept of Justice thinks.
>> No. 2286
File 155195931968.jpg - (209.06KB , 1068x800 , 1694714.jpg )
>> No. 2288
I always thought it had to do with responding to complaints.
>> No. 2289
File 155199908870.jpg - (198.30KB , 719x1224 , KF1jpg_6439741_24256382.jpg )
>> No. 2290
It is. The site isn't responsible for any material that USERS upload here, because posting CP is against the rules, they are only responsible for removing any illegal content that is brought to their attention. And that's exactly what they do which is why the Triforce sites are perfectly legal to host and to use.
>> No. 2291

sorry my friend, but that's bullshit. Maybe that's the law in other countries, but it is NOT the law in the US.

And these clowns are clearly violating the law. They knowingly allow Child Porn (and other, illegal obscenity that isn't CP). Then they aid and abet its distribution.

That's why I know these guys are NOT in the US or any other non-shithole country.

they'd have been shut down and indicted on hundreds of Federal CP charges by now if they were in America.
>> No. 2305
about to change in a year or so
even servers outside US jurisdiction with owners of sites/chans included into ongoing discussed new worldwide laws ie. illegal worldwide and providers will be prosecuted

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