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/spam/ ~ white girls with BBC
File 155225122428.jpg - (471.59KB , 1280x800 , nbwopics-44.jpg )
2302 No. 2302
The new order. What's your opinion?
>> No. 2309
Well i guest your a black for saying that ??? Listen carefully MAN.... !!!! I'm not a rascist, but this kind of comments make me angry...!!! Why ??? Well, I don't have a small or a huge dick but just enought. So, every morning I wake up... I'm really sad and jalous of them,beacause I don't have a fucking beautyfull MONSTER stalion Black cock for pounding and ruin all littles bitchs they are .... !!!! LoL Hope That my kind of sarcasm joke make you smile when you are reading this :) hahaha And to answer your question about "The new World Order"... yesss, i aprouve it... only if alle of black guys are not GAY... I'm not homophobe too, but I'll don't want or see my small little white ass hole be destroy by one of you lol !!! Oh !! I was close to forget to also tell you the avantages to have our dick Black. First, when it's wet, it's so shinny. When the light come on it, you can use it like a miroir to blind your sexual partner. Secondly, when trying to blind them doesn't work proprely. They can't see if the dick is dirty of ass shit. So, it easier to make a gentle surprise to put it in their mouth !!! Take care and I Hope you're presently enjoying teaching some smalls littles kids how to be a sexuel good little bitch. :)
>> No. 2310
Does any politically correct snowflake seriously think these negroes didn't get a raging hardon while being so close to these deliciously stunning blonde chicks?

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