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/spam/ ~ Adolf Hitler PEDO
File 155366077187.png - (1.25MB , 850x1204 , Sem título.png )
2366 No. 2366
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>> No. 2367
Hitler wasn't all that bad, I mean, he did kill Hitler, so theres that
>> No. 2368

Fuckin' ROFL!!!
>> No. 2369
>> No. 2370
File 155370264694.jpg - (33.21KB , 480x643 , 810c5ff05f6b0d9f47d6c8b5851f8499d106e41f_hq.jpg )
He was a great man! We need someone like him now, before it gets too late! And he liked lolis, I mean he liked me!
>> No. 2371
los sicopatas y sociopatas de internet necesitan de un lider .
>> No. 2372
File 155370420240.jpg - (64.76KB , 640x480 , nazi-cat.jpg )
>> No. 2373
he loved children yet Jews make him out to be this horrible monster where they will say and I quote "He's acting like Hitler" Trump is Hitler, Putin is Hitler, Assad is Hitler, etc.
>> No. 2374
He may have had the right ideas but he was a fucking idiot. 90m ppl died in ww2. 8m of those were Jews, "apparently"... How many millions of white ppl died? It was a white vs white war, killing off whit populations, setting the foundations for mass migrations, allowing to take hold. Thanks, Hitler, ya fkn moron. Prolly attacked Russia on purpose to end Germanies efforts cuz his grand Jew War to immortalise Jews as victims was over. Hitler was a Jew
>> No. 2375
File 155371714040.jpg - (90.84KB , 1024x683 , cpb.jpg )
He was only a Charly Chaplin reloaded.
Vlad Tepes - Draculea was beter.
If Vlad well live today, the world wel not have islamic therrorism because he know what todoo with the islamic shitt!

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