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/spam/ ~ 😎
No. 2385
>> No. 2386
Posting on a cp board that you reported LEA to LEA. Way to incriminate yourself.
>> No. 2387
Yeah, because law enforcement isn't already monitoring this place? Here's a tip, dumbass. Any cp board that gets big like this place is watched. All of them, without exception. If it exists and has more than a few hundred people on it, they WILL be watching it nonstop. They already knew about this place. But you? You just admitted to coming here on purpose. So you played yourself, for no real gain. Good job.
>> No. 2388
Well it looks like we're going to loose 155chan soon THANKS a lot asshole whoever you are i've really enjoyed the last 8 months this board was up under this designation may it come back even stronger..to the person shutting us down FUCK YOU and i hope you have a stroke from what you have seen here...think about this though there are over 1,000,000 CP Sites this is just one of many FUCKER
>> No. 2389
cops now have my ip and everyone elses ip
best move
destroy your computer completely
or you will go to prison
>> No. 2390
Good thing I'm behind 7 proxies.
>> No. 2391
Can't wait to see the headlines.
"South Carolina man was arrested today for telling cops about a CP board he frequented regularly for a year. Claims he only came for the articles. If convicted he faces 10 years in prison and must register for life as a moron."
>> No. 2392
>>133568 No I come here to write a school paper on cp and the law. It took me a year of research to get all the info I needed to write it.
>> No. 2393
The laws do far more damage and ruin more lives than CP ever have.
Let's get THIS debate started.
>> No. 2394
Found the edgelord

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