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/spam/ ~ European Union - what does this mean for us?
File 155363671722.jpg - (13.47KB , 635x333 , Article-13-635x333.jpg )
2395 No. 2395
>> No. 2396
what is it?
>> No. 2397
Nothing. This is a bust up between big corporations.
Little guys have to fly under the radar (ignore copyright and DMCA) as they always have.
>> No. 2398
Now, with this damn fucking low, i see about ower 48 hours not a single capca check. Its simple, dont exist anymore. Ewery site (payout redirection shortys) who use chapcas, dont work, chapcha dont apare, site block hisselfe.

A download in cg (all chans) its imposible anymore.

All this is a user discrimination like in the comunist time in east europe before 1990.

For this shitt u can say THANK YOU to the damn fucking german CDU party. What the damn fucking "krauts" dont realise with the WW2, are they doing now with the fukin EU. Its the same shitt.

FREE INTERNET its gone now forewer.
>> No. 2399
I agree that the Germans are not the smallest piece in that puzzle. But far away from being the only one.
Much too easy and simple to say they are the the reason for.
>> No. 2400
Your spelling is HORRIBLE - you sound like a FISH & CHIPS dude...
CDU said "NO", but EU said "YES"... slight difference.
It will take at least 2 years for ALL EU to find a compromise - just see ONE COUNTRY = ie. BREXIT!!!
They could´nt decide SHIT (UK) if their live´s depended on it!
>> No. 2401
good for you anyway you do not need to work just live on the taxes of France and Germany . Germans are your masters
>> No. 2402
Hey man !

The ashole who come with this idea is a CDU party member.
>> No. 2403
Germany & France to live from taxes?
This is not LIVE. This is SURVIVE. A big diference.

I am happy to be in a country where i can LIVE and not.... SURVIVE on state taxes like a street mutt!
>> No. 2404
Idiot! Ich bin deutsch! LOL...
>> No. 2405
And... tastes good HARZ 4 in your country?
That's the name of the taxes from what u live (survive)there.

Are you also gassing with your favorite pets with species protection to?

What is the name of them?
Ah yeah i remember! u call the fluhtlinge !
>> No. 2406
I got a better question: When the fuq did this become a discussion board?
>> No. 2407
Because this low is a dictature what well kill the net!

They use a upload filter and its equal if u upload a CP video on a hoster or a workshop video on YT, If in the video u have a copyright protected sound (music from a radio station or a TV source) the upload copyright scanner software well block or delete your video.

This is a censorship, grossly negligent interference in the freedom of speech, attacking your privacy, dictatorial surveillance.
>> No. 2408
East coutries are happy with that , >>133238
So? why are you crying for England?
>> No. 2409
European Union is a new Soviet Union.
>> No. 2410
Thats wrong my friend!

European Union is the 4'th REICH because what Hitler dont can do with WW2 and his 3'd REICH is doing now this old comunist pussy with this shit.

To see the truth, take a old map with the 3'd REICH and put ower it a map with the actual European Union and u wel see whats happening.
>> No. 2411
Get OUT of the EU before it`s too late. End the dictatorship NOW!!
>> No. 2412
Switzerland and Norway do not belong to the European Union and are rich countries

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