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/spam/ ~ GAP dont work? Help!
File 155404039259.jpg - (84.13KB , 762x1100 , GAP.jpg )
2419 No. 2419
What happend with forum 'girls a priori'?
Site is down!
Can someone have a new link?
>> No. 2420
>> No. 2421
Down since 3-4 days for me, but I have heard almost 2 weeks for others.
>> No. 2422
it was taken over by LEA months ago.
all the staff were acting very strange.
not like cp enthusiasts. More like cops, very stupid about everything and not being able to answer basic questions , not remembering shit either.
good they are gone now. new places will open and they will be run by the cp pros
>> No. 2432
It is compromised!
says site under Maintenance back soon


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