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File 155472408137.jpg - (111.09KB , 1024x638 , 1930-May12-Capone-Mug-Shot-1024x638.jpg )
2449 No. 2449
AL has served his sentence and is back in the game niggas.

Please welcome the (not) new
>> No. 2450
who the fuck is he
>> No. 2451
Must suck to be that young and know absolutely no history...
>> No. 2454
It's Al Capone, the Chicago gangster of the US Prohibition 1920s era, after one of his arrests. Cool pic!
>> No. 2455
Better looking than 95% of mugshots
>> No. 2456
That smile...you only got me on tax evasion, G-man, I'm still in charge here...
>> No. 2459


it's right in the image name, ffs o.O
>> No. 2460

Al's still a smilin' mothafucka at this point. He thinks he's got the world by the balls. Notice that it's the Miami, FL PD. He had a house down there as well as his Chicago/Cicero empire.

He's blissfully unaware of the IRS fuckery about to descend on his head. He may also not have realized he had tertiary syphillis, the disease that would kill him after 12 years in the Federal pen.

Interestingly - he went back to Miami after he was released from prison and died there.
>> No. 2461
Al did not trust doctors to treat him. Thought they might be paid to kill him. Probably right.

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