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/spam/ ~ What the fuck???
File 155454490974.jpg - (79.75KB , 480x360 , what-i-say-what-in-the-fuck-is-this-shit.jpg )
2471 No. 2471
What the fuck is with this chan? One asshole is allowed to completely fill it with his bullshit links???

There is NO way to download these videos. The file host sucks complete ass!

So, why have you allowed this guy to shit all over this chan?

He will NOT make a fucking cent off this bullshit. He's literally done all this work for nothing.

So, come on Mods, delete all this bullshit!

And, fer fuck's sake, let this post!!!!
>> No. 2472
Agreed well may have to do with a statement over at 180 & SW
At 180 SW isn't a part of the community & yeah as told by the staff there when a guy questioned the same kind of hosts used as here btw

Agree cause the chances to actually get a file from any of these rotten hosts are close to zero
Definitly zero with an archive in more then 1 part
There will never be a positive response about what you or me would like to see happen here
Unfortunately it's the Clan of Carpenters who get all the care and attention except if someone don't like my comment there is:)
>> No. 2473
You block one mother fucker and another one is waiting in line or same mother fucker will come with another name. The only way to kill motherfucker.

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