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/spam/ ~ just a question
File 152153605794.jpg - (134.45KB , 977x578 , Password puzzle.jpg )
726 No. 726
I've been hitting the chans for years. As I get older I tend to doze off and then I forget passwords. I think my "needs password help" folder is over 100GB. Silly me I just can't delete it without knowing what I don't have but wanted.
So is there a way to find passwords easily that you forgot to write down in the chans? Or maybe one of you knows a decent rar password cracker that handles zip and 7zip files also please. I know how to: Edit/find/next & copy paste the PW's. I could just load them up and let it rip.
>> No. 823
i have the pass to SM10,001,1,4,5,6,lori,TMP,adidas,bionic,paradise birds,pb and possibly more i wish you asked this somewhere else(a forum) and uploading a link to my own homemade notepad password file is to much work here on the chans ,mostly because its hard to get back to you here ,you have no tag,
good luck KroNik
>> No. 826
SM10,001,4,5,6,TMP,set020,pb,lori,adidas,and possibly more
i have a homemade notepad password file with all my passwords i pasted should have most of these, but since your on a chan its hard to get back to you ,i wished you asked this on a forum
good luck KroNik
>> No. 882
It would be helpful if you could upload all the passwords you have here so we can add them to a "cracking" file to brute force try to open some of these files that all of us have laying about. i think we should all do the same
>> No. 903
Or u can just delete.
& search again and pursuit your questmaps. U probably will not find the pw and be irritaded (just like me)..... seams by yr list this U will find again and so........U know
>> No. 1940
can i have it? send me pls

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