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/sw/ ~ BTM Melanie naked + dildo
File 154338219768.jpg - (433.88KB , 1741x1306 , special_067_anonib.jpg )
10704 No. 10704
Does anyone have the FULL BTM Melanie naked + dildo set? I'm not giving up hope.
I will post all 9 pix that I have from it here. Please someone pull through and unhoard.
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>> No. 10705
File 154338242073.jpg - (444.35KB , 1306x1741 , special_040_anonib.jpg )
They were posted to anonib (fuck I miss that site) in May 2008. The blouse and the background prove that they were taken at the same time as set 004 of Melanie's x-nikita site. I have all of set 004, but she never takes her panties off in that set. In the specials, she obviously gets completely naked and plays with the dildo.
>> No. 10706
File 154338268025.jpg - (427.62KB , 1741x1306 , special_054_anonib.jpg )
anonib used to put "anonib" inbetween the name and the .jpg of the files, so that means that the files were originally called special_040.jpg, special_054.jpg, etc up to special_080.jpg.
That means there are AT LEAST 71 OTHER PIX of Melanie in this special set. Someone has got to have them because someone posted them to anonib.
>> No. 10726
here yo go anon

>> No. 10767
File 154364442554.jpg - (405.14KB , 1229x1638 , special_076a.jpg )
Ohhh thank fuck.
I have literally been waiting 10 years for that set to come out.
I am a tiny bit disappointed that she did not fuck herself with the dildo or spread her pussy. But that set is still pretty fucking amazing.
>> No. 11188
>They were posted to anonib (fuck I miss that site) in May 2008.

All I have is 7 of those pics from May 2008. Jesus, that was 10 years ago!

>here yo go anon

Link is down. Any possibility of a re-up for an old AnonIB-er?
>> No. 11196
>> No. 11200


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