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/sw/ ~ Request: M+M - Maedchen Kenennlernen
File 154488211080.jpg - (102.81KB , 750x618 , 1533744373945[1].jpg )
10953 No. 10953
Anyone could help me by sharing old M+M videos?
Let me start by sharing what can still be salvaged about M+M 69 "Mel"
https://anonfile.com/bdD5J6n4b0/mmmelanie8vids_rar pass: 155sw
Also this page I found archived: https://web.archive.org/web/20051125002128/http://www.mm-smile.net:80/mel/index.htm
I've been looking for the rest of this serie forever, as well as "Monika", "Kerstin" and "Jasmine", is there still anyone who got them when they were originally available?
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>> No. 11057
She's fantastic
>> No. 11248
God Damn.
>> No. 11249
god damn
>> No. 11426
7 14yo Jasmin vids, including 2 where she is topless:
pw: kasumi

It was an interesting and annoying site. I think the guy who took the pics also did the design of the site, did the music, edited the videos and acted as the webmaster. The site design was crazy and ugly and the music and talk from him in the videos is horrible, but god damn did he know how to talk some cute young chicks out of their clothes.
I also have lots of M+M previews of "Lina" ("Karolina"), also some of "Christin", "Mee", and "Sabrina" (who is the same as BTM Sabrina).
I don't have any vids of Jasmin's sister Kerstin, but I have pics of both Jasmin and Kerstin, I think some from an early BTM site.
Always wanted to see the full Sabrina vids.
>> No. 11469

Thanks for the Jasmin, I used to have almost all of her vids but lost them...

I also tried to post a collection of the Kerstin pics I have but tor ate my post. Will reupload and share later.

The editor of these still has various sites open, and started a new project too. Check it out at mm-go[dot]de. Yes, it's as difficult and expensive as ever; not that I tried buying anything.

I tried to contact the photographer directly numerous times to buy old material from them, but it's a stone wall... He didn't even ask for an absurd price, they just say they don't have any of them anymore. I guess it's possible the German pigs confiscated his shit.


I know, right? Round juicy tits on a girl that age are perfect for me, but I guess it's an unpopular opinion 'round the triforce...
>> No. 11514
File 154678998076.jpg - (49.00KB , 512x770 , kerstinweb_258.jpg )
Here's the link for my 299 pics of Kerstin as promised
pass: 155sw
Various sources, including the duo site with Jasmin, the site sweet-hot-teens and kerstin.worldwidemodel, which I think used pics taken during the filming of M+M 6
She's delicious as well but my holy grail is still Mel
>> No. 11567
File 154695613029.jpg - (482.05KB , 2048x2786 , Maedchen_Ca11.jpg )
M+M Chantal & Anne, 12 videos available.. Are you guys interested?
>> No. 11579
Of course we are
>> No. 11591
sure please links
>> No. 11597
12 videos of M+M Chantal & Anne, 360 mb


>> No. 11603
Thanks you my brother
>> No. 12765
Bump, I can't believe this stuff fell off the net... Someone must have it

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