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/sw/ ~ German translation needed
File 154666642670.jpg - (401.84KB , 1594x2133 , 2002_35 - Franziska (16).jpg )
11424 No. 11424
Can anyone speak German and do some accurate translation? I want to know if this girl is talking about getting deflowered on December 31, 1999 or December 31, 2000.
She says: "Und da hatten wir uns irgendwann mal aus so 'ner Laune heraus geschworen, uns genau da vor dem Jahrtausendwechsel 2000 entjungfern zu lassen!" And she goes on to say that she was deflowered just before midnight on December 31.
We can't tell from the age and date. The age and date says that she was 16 in 2002, but that could be either before or after her birthday. She says that she was 14 when she was deflowered, but that doesn't help because we don't know which year, unless there is an unambiguous translation.
>> No. 11437
she says 'vor dem Jahrtausendwechsel' which means before the turn of the next century, so it must have been dec 31st 1999.
>> No. 11521
Do you speak German? Actually "Jahrtausendwechsel" means the turn of the millenium, not the century, doesn't it?
And at that time, many people said that technically the beginning of the new century/millenium was 2001, not 2000. In 2002 when this issue was published, people would have remembered that very well.
So I am still not sure if she is referring to the transition from 1999 to 2000, or the transition from 2000 to 2001. The question is whether "Jahrtausendwechsel zweitausend" refers unambiguously to one or the other in German.
>> No. 11527
>>11521 that's weird. NOBODY I know said "that technically the beginning of the new century/millenium was 2001, not 2000". That's a youth magazine, not IEEE publication. It also seems to me that you actually DO speak german yourself - as can be seen when you say "Jahrtausendwechsel zweitausend", whereas the text said "Jahrtausendwechsel 2000".
>> No. 11528
I don't speak German, I just know a few words and I can use Google Translate and fill in the gaps.
Our memories differ. I remember that everyone then was talking about how some people said the first year of the millenium was 2001.

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