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/sw/ ~ Hard Drive Finds
File 155494704065.jpg - (67.22KB , 640x480 , MVC-030F.jpg )
13383 No. 13383
Went Pawn store shopping. $10.00 computer. People leave all sort of stuff on HD's
My question: Is "mir" where I post what I found?
Image from HD attached.
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>> No. 13384
two grannies? nah
>> No. 13385
Do they just leave them on there or do you use file recovery software. Cuz what software. I'm looking for a good one. Lost some awesome nudes of my ex.
>> No. 13386
They are maybe 20 years old, ya fuckwit.


>> No. 13415
File 155529239082.jpg - (36.12KB , 640x480 , MD18.jpg )
They just left them on there. Have an external HD set up that ends on a USB cable...It bypasses any and all PW's and allows you to view entire drive.
A little over 100 images of the two and them in tanning bed.
>> No. 13505
just upload them to mega and share the link here

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