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/sw/ ~ Kasumi Fan
File 152921035269.jpg - (82.78KB , 768x1024 , 016.jpg )
8230 No. 8230
Anyone remember Kasumi Fan BBS?
It's been gone for years now but I still miss it.
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>> No. 11707
File 154776671072.png - (171.85KB , 983x947 , Fotomodel Sabrina.png )

Gentlemen! Thank you SO MUCH for all this BTM Sabrina stuff. Every few months, I was hunting down the internet because I knew there were some early sets out there. I found some of those pictures on pages like imagefap, but never the full sets. Now they are here, and they are better than I hoped. Thank you so much.

I just crawled through some old snapshots of her homepage from 2003/2004, and there a still thumbnails of sets never seen elsewhere. She must have made hundreds of sets...
>> No. 11708
File 154776675855.jpg - (86.26KB , 768x1024 , Set67_041.jpg )
Another one of a later Sabrina set
>> No. 11709
File 154776680292.jpg - (43.91KB , 481x720 , 134383826530.jpg )
I don't remember where I got some the later private pics of her. 8chan, ichan, something like that. Maybe it was still anonib. Time flies...
>> No. 11746
I have never seen this Trixie set. There is a thread on 180chan for OMGModels. Can you post it there?

I hope more early Teen Sabrina sets surface. Someone has to have them. It's a shame they are so hard to find.
>> No. 11790
File 154838193883.jpg - (87.29KB , 768x1024 , Sabrina Sieg 15yo - set72_055.jpg )
I love Sabrina and Trixie too. I don't have much on Cinderella's later works, and have no clue on the ages of the models at TeenMarvel.
>> No. 11807
I wrote that I "have no clue on the ages of the models at TeenMarvel" but actually looking at my notes I know about some of them. Czech model Renata Boušková aka "Bambi" was dressed at 16 or 17 at TeenMarvel in 2013, Czech model Lucie Bibrová aka "Lili" started out dressed and gradually showed nudity all at 18+ in 2013-2014, American model Madison Cauley aka "Maddy" was 18 when she was nude for them in 2015...
>> No. 11830
File 154862724956.jpg - (171.83KB , 1269x951 , sabrina-mm-screen.jpg )
I don't know if this qualifies as a rarity.
BTM-Sabrina also shot for mm-go/maedchen-kennenlernen.
pw: kasumi
I only have the previews, but I would be interested in the full videos if anyone has them.
>> No. 11831
The OMGmodels thread is here:
I will try to post that Trixie set there.
>> No. 11836
Gosh, the production on that video is atrocious.
But anything is welcome! Thank you very much for posting it. I'm working to put together the most complete rar/zip collection that I can find of her in order of set release date.
>> No. 11895
File 154900806287.gif - (179.91KB , 640x480 , Sabrina Sieg (blonde) about 17yo w Chantal - sexyd.gif )
Sabrina Sieg's non-nude Maedchen Kennenlernen video isn't listable in TAC. Quite a contrast to what she was doing three years later in pictures like special02_071.jpg (file size too big to post here) and in her lesbian set (see previews here).
>> No. 11901
File 154906082276.jpg - (215.72KB , 1280x960 , 022.jpg )

Thanks for the preview, TAC!
Here is the lesbian set together with Chantal aka Anne/Ronja

>> No. 11905
A solo Sabrina Sieg set:
Miscellaneous Sabrina pics:
>> No. 11913
File 154911647222.jpg - (97.27KB , 800x1199 , A7E03C2.jpg )
need this set of Jenny
>> No. 11915
File 15491206877.jpg - (377.94KB , 1536x2048 , special02_071_compressed.jpg )

here is a compressed version of the preview that TAC mentioned but which was "too big to post here".
Photo taken March 31, 2007. Anyone has the full set?
>> No. 11997
That set was already posted in >>11460
>> No. 12019
File 154975428437.jpg - (383.78KB , 768x1024 , special02_094.jpg )
No, the set that was posted was the full nude one from when she was 16. She showed full pussy there but she didn't spread her pussy.
The pic is from the other full nude and full pussy set she did, when she was 17. She spreads her pussy in that set.
Here is that set:
pw: kasumi
I have only ever been able to find this version, which has some pics corrupted.
Pic related.
>> No. 12020
Do you have all the sets and videos from x-carol and later? There was a definitive collection of x-carol sets around a couple of years ago.
>> No. 12252
File 155017046660.jpg - (146.92KB , 1920x1080 , Alex Arabella 15yo at teenstarlet_com Down To Busi.jpg )
Fully topless video capture of Alex Arabella at 15 from my blog
>> No. 12261
File 155018757333.jpg - (347.43KB , 3072x2048 , set09-097.jpg )
Anna from SmileModels
Don't know the age but she is on the TAC document.
>> No. 12362
File 155033178044.jpg - (255.02KB , 1536x2048 , special02_079.jpg )

wow, what a set! You made my day! TYVM
>> No. 12490
Amazing thread! Thank you all!

Any spread shots of BTM XAM Sarina? There was a bathtub set that's hot!
>> No. 12544
File 155125009926.jpg - (70.25KB , 900x399 , Susanne smile-models_com head34.jpg )
>> No. 12571

Does anyone have this set? I can't seem to find it.
>> No. 12762
File 155206908114.jpg - (80.40KB , 768x1024 , Roxana Lemanski 16yo original 2005 release of nude.jpg )
Roxana at 16 years old
>> No. 12763
File 155206914711.jpg - (155.83KB , 960x1280 , Roxana Lemanski 16yo xm-amateurs_com October 30 20.jpg )
Roxana at 16 years old (pic 046)
>> No. 12764
File 155206922816.jpg - (151.21KB , 960x1280 , Roxana Lemanski 16yo xm-amateurs_com October 30 20.jpg )
Roxana at 16 years old (pic 048)
>> No. 12766
File 155207476443.jpg - (182.05KB , 960x1280 , Roxana Lemanski 16yo xm-amateurs_com October 30 20.jpg )
Roxana at 16 years old (pic 077)
>> No. 12767
Nice set I find named Roxana BJ:)
Never know this about her new information to me but I save TAC Edition if find them if told in TAC I must missed it:)
Anyone know if Smile Models is related to Berlin Teen Models???
Someone said times ago studios have same owner I don't believe that BUT don't know
>> No. 12769
File 155207931181.jpg - (166.42KB , 960x1280 , Roxana Lemanski 16yo xm-amateurs_com October 30 20.jpg )
The Smile-Models and BerlinTeenModel agencies were not run by the same people but they knew about each other and in 2005 they used the same payment processor (WMO) for customers to buy with.

Roxana pic 094 attached
>> No. 12778
Thanks big difference I know now:)
I think the set is unusual I never seen similar just this only set maybe I missed many similar
Complete or not I don't know but anyone want I can post it
>> No. 12779
thank you!
>> No. 12782
This is only post I never invade threads
Roxana BJ I find set like this several years ago 107 photos complete or not I don't know

Password: R%0&X%A&N%A

>> No. 12794
Nice "complet or not" well,more complete then I had more like this one well some claims it's others around but I've probably never entered the right clubs sort of;)
Some says they'll hoist some up and such so it's real nice see it here
Thanks man this one appreciated
>> No. 12796
File 155225254817.jpg - (91.07KB , 900x1200 , 048.jpg )
I recently found some new (to me) pics of Julia hiding in a Teen-Portraits collection of Corinna.
The file date is Feb 6 2007, so she is 15 or at most 16 in them.
>> No. 12797
File 155225267886.jpg - (170.41KB , 1920x2560 , 053.jpg )
I think this is the best one.
The collection I downloaded is here:
Most of it is Corinna, but there are some from several other models.
>> No. 12808
Would love to see more of the True Teen Babe Models
>> No. 12809
Kasumi Fan you rock - but do you have the sets these pics came from?
>> No. 12810
Correct clubs never invited there is BUT it's not important
Important for me is find something I don't have & share something someone maybe not have except this place is not right for me it's very certain
No problem I find place & easier understand also
>> No. 12812
File 155233432384.jpg - (111.07KB , 750x1000 , 105.jpg )
somewhere I found this
>> No. 12837
File 155246669992.jpg - (102.77KB , 665x842 , BTM club offerings as of February 2008.jpg )
This is what it looked like inside BTM's private club in February 2008
>> No. 12838
File 155246681386.jpg - (57.65KB , 598x371 , BTM club another screenshot 2.jpg )
>> No. 12855

Cali Skye was a 19 year old hooker who cooked up a fake underage website with her pimp. ALL of her nude and hc material were done after age 18.

Lot of deluded idiots still claim she was 14. She wasn't.
>> No. 12858
Proof or bull what one dude says is no facts just sayin'
>> No. 12859
post more sets please….I love this thread...everyone should be grateful...
>> No. 12870

Would like the password to these files! Neither kasumi nor starlight work.

>> No. 12871
For these >>8752 try this pw starship
Without quotes or spaces
>> No. 12872

Thanks, buddy. That worked.
>> No. 12896
More Smile Models would be awesome... esp Christine!
>> No. 12906
File 155319995648.jpg - (48.62KB , 375x500 , A Unger Sandy oldder pic 8fddf.jpg )
I see that there is existing Corinna/ Julia-14 RomaticArts from Teen-Portraits here. I can't locate from searches via text and reverse image lookups for Sandy's later work and Sanne from Jorygirlzz.. Any advice or assistance in searching is appreciated! Thanks in advance :)
>> No. 12930
Sandy also went by sinaMerte on ram

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