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/sw/ ~ Kasumi Fan
File 152921035269.jpg - (82.78KB , 768x1024 , 016.jpg )
8230 No. 8230
Anyone remember Kasumi Fan BBS?
It's been gone for years now but I still miss it.
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>> No. 10971
Do you have his links saved? I tried looking in internet archives for his user name but found no saved pages.
>> No. 10972
No, that was over 4 years ago on anonib.
>> No. 10974
File 154494951070.jpg - (84.64KB , 768x1024 , 048.jpg )
There are approximately 1773994 girls age 13-17 in Germany every year.
The most beautiful 5% of those girls is 88699 girls.
The most horny 5% of those beautiful 13-17yo girls is 4434 girls.
The most exhibitionistic 5% of those beautiful horny 13-17yo girls is 221 girls.
So every year in Germany there are at least 221 very beautiful, very horny, very exhibitionistic girls age 13-17 who are longing to get naked and masturbate on camera for the whole world to see.
They've done it before, they can do it again!
Free the 221!
Pic related, 15yo BTM-Denny
>> No. 10975
File 154497354616.jpg - (471.03KB , 2048x3072 , SMP-006-125.jpg )
I'm considering it an honor to be thanked by the great TAC, so there you go, another pic from 15yo Smile Nadine with her friend Danielle, this time undressing the other way around. If there's interest in the full set, let me know.
>> No. 10976
File 154497878415.png - (325.57KB , 720x480 , 1537165596182.png )
Hey Mr. TAC, have you followed all the stuff this summer around modelingdvd's Heather and Rachel's topless shower secret video, on other boards?
I see in the document there's already a section about the same DVD this happened in, afte the body paint segment; I think they were both <18 so you might want to include this in the next document

To recap: Dave used to include "Encores" in a select few DVDs that only a handful of his client got; most people got the same DVD but with less segments. This scene is from the December '14 DVD and has the both of them showering, cleaning the paint off each other and a brief kiss.
>> No. 10977
More 15yo BTM Denny aka Amanda here
>> No. 10990
Yes we would be interested.
>> No. 10991
File 154505548270.jpg - (94.15KB , 1000x1500 , 1-26fd9_408-014-step00212.jpg )
>> No. 10993
File 154507213417.jpg - (420.27KB , 2048x3072 , SMP-006-001.jpg )
There you go, I'm happy that there's interest in these gorgeous german girls. Enjoy!

15yo Smile Nadine & Danielle, SMP-006 full set.
Link: http://dl.free.fr/g6phwYGv3
Password: bbb
>> No. 10994
>> 10975

Thanks for the pics... Please more of Nadine! Love her tiny tits... ;)
>> No. 10995
Please allow me to plug my request thread, just once
>> No. 10999
>>10993 the name of Nadine's "friend" is Daniela - not "Danielle". See TAC document for more info on her - she did plenty plenty of stuff also for other photographers/websites (AMO, daniela16, modeld, ...)
>> No. 11003
Are there more screencaps? Did any other models have encores? Alexis?
>> No. 11009
File 154523313738.jpg - (87.76KB , 1024x574 , FloridaTeenModels_rachel_and_rheya_paint_teenies_v.jpg )
i know heather was 14yo in 2013 so you do the math. I neva heard of rach age. any idea???
>> No. 11010
Rachel is same age
>> No. 11011
so these are uspposed to be 15, maybe 16 yo?
because they look rough
>> No. 11017

Please share!
>> No. 11037
Sure, but you have to remember, they're American. Most Americans are obese, be glad they're not. Plus they're well developed.
>> No. 11038
interested in her
>> No. 11052
File 154544232799.jpg - (141.71KB , 768x1024 , set17_051.jpg )
Are there any boards anymore that are centered around sharing and discussing this stuff? newchan sucks because they shill for people to buy a "VIP" membership. This /sw/ board is mostly for shekeleering. This is the only thread on this site that is focused -18 teen models and it's usually slow.
>> No. 11053
File 15454432083.jpg - (75.39KB , 1000x1500 , 305-016-kari0266.jpg )
Just looking for another board with stuff like is in this thread. I like hebe/teen (up to 17) stuff but not the prepubescent stuff that gets posted on this site. Sadly, you have to scroll through a lot of pre-puberty stuff to find the hebe stuff mixed in.
>> No. 11061
You tellin me the VIP grants access to this stuff? They're hiding in there?
>> No. 11067
i'm just here in my favourite thread to say that I think TAC is a fucking GOD.

happy holidays everybody.
>> No. 11068
Thank you all very much for Sabrina! Especially for >>10970, those are completely new to me. Fantastic.
>> No. 11191
I don't know what they're hiding in VIP. I doubt there is anything worthwhile.
>> No. 11199
there's 1 place & it's a forum & yeah i think you all know the one......
the thing about the particular forum is that you can't discuss exactly everything about even the girls here in this thread
which sucks and i'm banned permanently btw which is quite easy to be over there
18+ content said to be only hot well i can't recommend that place cause their no room for discussing without getting hit by the banhammer which i've been one time too many just being well honestly telling someone to scram not popular for sure:/
but it's the only place where some of these gals here can be found unfortunately
with some of those who think they know just everything about everything even if they're out in the blue

so conlusion is all of those sites boards not forums seems to have disappeared
i don't have much about the stuff here more then modelingdvd's but it's def not all which i'm well aware of nor much info
a bit of ranting now ending but it's quite diappointing to see most of the sites are gone today as all of male population are'nt carpenters meaning so much of planks or boards no curves and that last is my very own opinion i'm not excusing at all.......
>> No. 11203
With our body type and age preference we're stuck in this middle ground where we are too pedos to talk with normies and too normie to talk with pedos.
It sucks and makes finding good material an ordeal. I'd be lost without based TAC.
>> No. 11220
I saw a resurgence of interest in our text file recently on Nonuderama, First-Loves, and 155. Today I am again processing some info. Soon will make a checklist of essentials before I will release #19. Let's make 2019 great!
>> No. 11221
nonuderama keeps recycling their stuff lately. The OMGModels posts are getting recycled I noticed. They have been on the site for a while but they are reposting as if it's new. Also, they post a LOT of 18+ stuff, like the TeenBeautyFitness and related. Those models look nasty with piercings and tattoos.
>> No. 11222
What is your point? this is the wrong place to bitch about other boards. People are free to share here
>> No. 11224
>>11199 by me

true and sad as some of us got a wider view about beauty well it's the way it is......
passed years had more of variety & i know it's something oldies use to say well we all get there:)

the TAC editions are if not for all of us here the best guide of info since i've stumbled on one some years ago
looking forward to the new edition TAC and thanks for all work you've done with the previous editions

seems they're out of stuff so they do as most will do today reruns and it's unfortunately like that with a lot of stuff
tats and metal as long as those who got it are happy i'll chose something else as i'm not a fan about it

thanks for great thread i wish i had something i could add to it unfortunately not much left anymore.....
happy new year may the year 2019 become a reaaly nice year to all and everyone
>> No. 11419
File 154666381972.jpg - (479.35KB , 1235x2031 , 1309_IMG_1197c.jpg )
Happy new year, nice to see NM here as well. We now return you to your regularly scheduled teen pussy.

Current laws:
At 17 years and 364 days, a girl is not even allowed to pose topless, even if her parents say yes
At 18 years and 0 days, a girl can do full hardcore porn, whether her parents like it or not

Proposed new laws: without parent's consent, a girl can
At age 13: pose topless
At age 14: pose naked (pic related, Trixie) and work in nude chat rooms and strip clubs
At age 15: do solo hardcore (spreading, dildo)
At age 16: do full hardcore porn

With parent's consent:
At age 13: do nude, solo hardcore
At age 14: do full hardcore porn

Makes much more sense.
>> No. 11420
File 154666453345.jpg - (83.46KB , 960x1280 , upd151104_082.jpg )
Here are the rest of my dated early Sabrina sets. This is continuing the Schwingerderzeit sets. He pointed out that some of them are incomplete and some pics are corrupted.
pass: kasumi
They are dated 2004-11-15 to 2005-02-15.
Since Sabrina was born 1990-02-06 according to TAC, she is probably 14 in all of them.
I like how she can look like an innocent little girl in some of them, a hot slut in some of them, and a mixture of those in others, like this one.
Lots of tits as usual, plus some nice hot pussy peeks.
>> No. 11421
File 154666537619.jpg - (120.53KB , 768x1024 , set70_034.jpg )
This contains the last of my Sabrina sets where she was definitely 14.
pw: kasumi
These are the "numbered" sets, probably from some later site where they offered all the "dated" sets too, but with numbers. On Kasumi Fan, TAC reported that he had heard that the first set where she was 15 was set 76. So all of these (including this pic) except set 79 are 14, and set 79 is 15.
Tits, hard nipples, and a few mild partial/sheer pussy shots. Plus lots of hot eye contact.
I am sad because this means there are probably 20-30 sets of her at age 13/14 that I do not have yet.
If anyone has them, post them!!!!
>> No. 11422
Please please please post the BTM-Tina BJ video. Instructions are here:
>> No. 11425
File 154666757579.jpg - (427.16KB , 2082x1908 , sabrinaHorny15.jpg )
Here are 3 vids of Sabrina at 15. She must be at most 15 in them because I collected them in 2005!
pass: kasumi
You can tell that she loves flirting and teasing in them. She has noticeably hard nipples in all of them. In the one from this screenshot, she is very hot and 99% naked. I'm sure she would have loved to be a stripper in a strip club at age 15.
>> No. 11460
File 154671147021.jpg - (72.39KB , 960x1280 , set187_107.jpg )
Thanks for posting Sabrina!

Indeed she would have been the star of any strip club! She definitely had great performing skills as can also be seen in another set:

Preview by TAC in >>10730

Here is the the full set (xCarol 187), taken in 2006

>> No. 11466
and i've always thought when looking a the sest & vids with her she mus have been comfortable with the photog
so the photog should have a lot of cred who could get her relaxed and really enjoying her flirty side......for all us to enjoy later:)

>>11460 don't want to be a pain but.......

i simply can't the host filedot to work where i am never had and it's still not working
dl.free is never a problem though
and no i'm not asking you to re-up cause of me
if & it's just an if anyone here may do me a favor hoist it up to dl.free
i'd be grateful for a loooong time ahead......
>> No. 11467
New year, new edition (#19) of TAC's guide to naked girls 13-17!
January 2019

Download for yourself and Spread this around
>> No. 11486
File 154675436143.jpg - (406.90KB , 1333x2000 , CAL003-024L.jpg )
Thank for gentlemen for this awesome contribution. I've searched everywhere for her early (first site) sets. I've searched all over using DuckDuckGo and google, various model forums that are still around, and on usenet / newsgroups and all I can seem to find are her older "Carol" stuff and almost nothing from 2003 or 2004. I hope someone can come through with the older stuff.

Is this spam?

You're doing God's work.
I always felt like these (and their related sites) contained a lot of girls who they said were under 18 but were very likely over 18.
>> No. 11513
makes this one of the best first times of the year 2019 the very best
thanks TAC i'm always looking forward to every edition
>> No. 11522
File 154680599873.jpg - (95.80KB , 960x1280 , set187_120.jpg )
Sabrina 16 nude set:
pw: kasumi
Yes the photographer apparently was the late Dirc Weber, and you can see in this pic she seems to have been very comfortable with him...
Though I never heard any rumors that Dirc fucked any of the models, just Martin.
>> No. 11525
File 154680816590.jpg - (453.34KB , 1243x1864 , 5a1f17f71d4eac.jpg )
Did anyone ever get a birth year for TeenMarvel Madison?
She reminds me of 15yo Wendy.
Also are there any rumors about customs or nudes of her?
>> No. 11536
>>11466 mine

thanks very grateful:)

dirc was the best for her and in the end us
and it shows & this time i'll treasure everything found again much better plus all the info i only got tiny parts of previously
i do like this thread thanks again this became a very nice day;)
>> No. 11549
I believe these are both the same set.
>> No. 11611
Anyone have her full set? I loved her at the time.
>> No. 11635
agnelina deva
can you post it the set or link, thanks.
>> No. 11639
I higly doubt that anyone has the Angelie Deva sets, and if anyone has it will never be made public, it's to a rare set to just be given out for free.
Same goes whit Jane fleur.
>> No. 11682
hey Kasumi...don´t let this die....huacho needs more....haha
>> No. 11692
File 154764953878.jpg - (87.36KB , 394x575 , 154754886951.jpg )
Do you have anything from Cinderella Girl when she was older?
Like in pic related, I think she was 17-19 at this time

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