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/sw/ ~ Kasumi Fan
File 152921035269.jpg - (82.78KB , 768x1024 , 016.jpg )
8230 No. 8230
Anyone remember Kasumi Fan BBS?
It's been gone for years now but I still miss it.
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>> No. 8244
File 15292720149.jpg - (82.91KB , 768x1024 , 065.jpg )
That was the era of Topless16, BTM, M+M, and other topless/nude under-18s. We discussed their ages openly and shared pictures.
14yo Wendy here started modeling for BTM in the fall of 2005 and Kasumi went crazy, sharing her sets almost as soon as they went on the site.
>> No. 8245
File 152927246211.jpg - (415.49KB , 960x1280 , rox-ps01-104.jpg )
One time BTM-Roxana herself came on the list and complained about us sharing her pics and not buying them. Nobody believed that it was her but then her webmaster came on too and said it was her. Multiple people on the list were in touch with the webmaster and confirmed that it was all true.
Pic related, she was 15 in this pic but about 17 when she came on the list.
>> No. 8246
File 152927325294.jpg - (78.04KB , 800x1200 , Judy-04-095.jpg )
TACdude was on it and was putting together the first version of his big list. In fact the existence of the list on the board was the main reason people started to collect there.
He was a big fan of Judy, 14/15 in this pic.
>> No. 8248
File 152927414687.jpg - (1.94MB , 1231x1654 , isabelle.jpg )
That was where I first heard about Bravo. It blew my mind that there was a magazine in another country that kids could just buy off the shelf that had pictures of under-18 girls naked and talking about sex.
The scans that we had back then were pretty bad. There are a lot better ones available now, like this one.
>> No. 8249
File 152927457765.jpg - (204.46KB , 874x1226 , pussy14.jpg )
It's too bad there isn't a place to do all that anymore. Triforce doesn't have a place for it. If you post a girl in /hebe/ that looks like she could be over 18, they say you should go here to /sw/. But /sw/ is full of spam and real over-18 models so the real teen stuff gets drowned out.
Pic related, Anais Jeanneret was a pro model but it's well documented that she was 14 in this picset.
>> No. 8267
Your correct, this place is full of real pedos, having 1 pubic hair they say its a granny pic???
... wtf how ill is that?
If they cant get pregnant thats all about? You realy should go to prison...
>> No. 8284
More like this!
>> No. 8330
File 152978647314.jpg - (445.82KB , 1488x1052 , c001-001.jpg )
Countdown magazine, all issues
Pass for each zip is the number before the ".zip"
Requests for specific sets welcome
>> No. 8388
Completely agree. 13-17 with some hair is exactly what I'm looking for. It seems to be a niche without a home.
>> No. 8479
File 153073372513.jpg - (26.11KB , 262x350 , kiki.jpg )
Thanks for sharing this man, Some good memories there.

Anyone remember Kiki from Kikimodel.com? I think she was 16/17 when she was modeling loads of her photosets on this page http://freetexthost.com/1afe0dn40b
>> No. 8487
Found this thread on 180chan for a 17yo model
>> No. 8491
File 15308285329.png - (1.43MB , 1488x1052 , c006-211.png )
Thanks a lot! Do you have Christine sets?
>> No. 8516
File 153098792793.png - (291.05KB , 640x360 , vlcsnap-2018-07-07-14h04m23s885.png )
Laura and Adri around 15/16 in photoshoot video from OMG models

>> No. 8522
File 153111947140.jpg - (1.09MB , 1536x2048 , Sarah-Wendy 14yo - BTM club set - 6.jpg )
My blog Nude Nymphets, the classiest and sexiest gallery with nude adolescent girl models, closed for the last time on 17 November 2017 after 10 continuous months at its final host and more than twenty (20) years of discontinuous service overall. This was a picture of "Wendy" that I had on there. She's 14 in this picture.
>> No. 8523
File 153111998643.jpg - (425.75KB , 780x780 , ABOUT PAGE - 6 adolescent girls collage.jpg )
My introductory collage from Nude Nymphets v3 with a caption reading "All photos show girls under the age of 18 as professional nude models". Some of the blog's photos were from the Kasumi Fan era; others were earlier or later. Specific ages of the models were identified where known.
>> No. 8535
File 153116531947.jpg - (189.40KB , 1920x1080 , hottub.jpg )
Another video with Laura and Adri from OMGmodels. Photoshoot in the hot tub

>> No. 8546
Do you have a link to your blog so that we may find it on archive.org?
>> No. 8550
File 153125153128.jpg - (929.09KB , 2000x3000 , Alex Arabella 16yo at alexarabella_com set 31 - AA.jpg )
Most elements of my blog weren't capped by the archives. The most recent version was entirely blocked due to the host's robots.txt restrictions.

nymphet.xxxlog.co: January 19, 2017 - November 17, 2017
divka.sexibl.com: December 12, 2012 - November 21, 2013
divka.sib.ms: September 27, 2012 - December 12, 2012
nymphet.sib.ms: June 24, 2012 - August 15, 2012
nymphet.peb.so: June 19, 2012 - June 24, 2012
nymphet.sib.so: April 24, 2012 - June 18, 2012
lost URL: summer/autumn 1997 (open by September) - early 1998

Attached, also from my blog: American 16 year old model showing her pubic hair
>> No. 8551
File 153125169819.jpg - (92.93KB , 1056x792 , Neomi 16yo from Spain at beachbabez_com - example .jpg )
From my blog: 16 year old Neomi, a resident of Ibiza, was photographed topless by Mark Llewellyn in 2005 in her home country, as was her same-aged friend Marina. I endorse females showing their breasts in public places.
>> No. 8552
File 153125179797.jpg - (1.17MB , 3744x5616 , Stephanie G_ omgmodels_com set 6 - 1599_1574.jpg )
From my blog: Stephanie was photographed totally nude in Los Angeles, California by Andrew Slater when she was 16 years old. Her parents are from El Salvador but she was born in the USA.
>> No. 8553
File 153125200167.jpg - (55.35KB , 600x559 , Anais Jeanneret 15yo by James Baes - Splendid Anai.jpg )
From my blog: Valérie [Anais' real name] posed at the age of 15 for James Baes.
>> No. 8554
File 153125218747.jpg - (311.84KB , 853x1280 , Gina 15yo p09_00005.jpg )
From my blog: Introducing Gina, a 15 year old German model photographed by Heiko Voigt.
>> No. 8555
File 153125232293.jpg - (87.95KB , 665x1000 , Reanna Taylor in Reanna's Diaries - rd04.jpg )
From my blog: Richard Murrian's early works were influenced by David Hamilton. Reanna Taylor posed for him from 14 to 17. Here's Reanna at probably age 15 on Plate 68 ("La fille dans l'ombre") in his 2004 book "Reanna's Diaries". Both Murrian and Taylor are Americans.
>> No. 8556
File 153125236956.jpg - (88.30KB , 768x1024 , Sabrina Sieg 15yo - set72_052.jpg )
From my blog: Here's German blonde Sabrina Sieg posing topless for Dirc Weber in 2005 at the age of 15.
>> No. 8557
File 153125251918.jpg - (128.79KB , 768x1024 , terri013.jpg )
From my blog: Here's "Terri" posing for Lolita Dreams in eastern Europe.
>> No. 8558
File 153125256221.jpg - (99.33KB , 750x500 , Vera Kirrilova 15yo from Russia.jpg )
From my blog: 15 year old Vera Kirrilova lives in Russia and was photographed by Denis Smirnov.
>> No. 8559
File 153125260594.jpg - (71.26KB , 624x872 , Veronica Kondrashova 15yo Bk11a-11.jpg )
From my blog: The Japanese photographer Shoken Takahashi portrayed Russian redhead Veronica Kondrashova in the nude when she was 15.
>> No. 8560
File 153125267559.jpg - (384.51KB , 1959x2938 , Viktoria 14yo by Michael Marx IMG_5665.jpg )
From my blog: On 25 October 2007 when she was only 14, Viktoria got half-dressed in a Christmas outfit for Marx but didn't forget to leave her gift unwrapped.
>> No. 8561
File 153125278930.jpg - (120.70KB , 1280x819 , Violene by Peter Dominic - met-art_dm_0042_0016.jpg )
From my blog: Violene is another of Peter Dominic's young teen models for the American site MostEroticTeens.com This blonde beauty Violene looks 13 to me and she's presumably French like Peter Dominic's other models.
>> No. 8563

Girl on top right, she have sets or just a random one-off model?
>> No. 8564
File 153125946829.jpg - (204.04KB , 610x868 , Kumiko Jouchi 15yo in Hakkou Bishoujo light33.jpg )
15 year old Kumiko Jouchi from Japan posed in multiple settings and appears in:

* the book "Hakkou Bishoujo" by Garo Aida (Tokyo, Japan: Byakuya Shobo, November 1985), book code 17688-11

* the Japanese erotic magazine Joshikou sei nenkan, Spring 1993 (again photographed by Garo Aida and from the same photo shoots)
>> No. 8565
I absolutley LOVED those "countdown magazins".
Pleas more.
Pretty please, whit suger on top.
>> No. 8566
>>8564 Thank you sir!
>> No. 8567
File 153127313823.jpg - (462.91KB , 853x1280 , Gina 15yo IMGP0060.jpg )
There are only those 10 issues of Countdown magazine.
What you'll eventually get is a new edition of the TAC document.
>> No. 8568

Yo TAC, was your blog http://nymphet.xxxlog.co? If so, it disappeared a while ago and I've been trying to find its new home.
>> No. 8569
When will the next TAC edition be released? The last one is pretty old at this point and i heard somewhere that it will be this summer. Also how can we contribute?
>> No. 8575
File 15313204055.jpg - (639.22KB , 960x1280 , paigebath-47.jpg )
Paige from Paige17.co.uk/Topless16.com

There are a lot of these sets posted on another chan (I) if you want more of her
>> No. 8576
File 153132226766.jpg - (79.99KB , 1024x768 , lauren1.jpg )
Lauren from DJmodels site. Supposedly 16 at the time the photos were taken according to her website. Appears to be around that age and it says she was from the UK which looks correct as as you can see a 3 prong power outlet in the photo, Unusual as most of the girls on DJmodels were from Asian countries.
I found a few more photos here https://web.archive.org/web/20040615221755/http://www.dj-models.com:80/lauren/index.htm
>> No. 8577
A few adolescent photos tumblr finds
>> No. 8578
File 153133272459.jpg - (27.09KB , 550x550 , David Hamilton - blue shirt girl 3154.jpg )
That's what I said above in post
I gave the start and end dates of every domain it was at. The first incarnation in 1997-1998 was at some Brazilian host.
There is no fourth version... yet, so I'm posting some of its pictures here.

Indeed, the latest TAC came out on 29 December 2015. One of our TAC researchers bogged me down with vast quantities of details on Silver agency models and other such things, and I didn't have time to process them before I switched my focus to other projects. I will try to finish TAC v19 this year.

These links come from the second version of my blog. Glad you like them and that they are still up after so many Tumblr adolescent nudes were deleted from Tumblr.
>> No. 8579
OH, i downloaded TAC files 2 times before but i got bored reading a huge wall full off text.
This countdown magazine was so much more exiting where you could see the model along whit the text.
But thanks for the hard work, even if it dident tickle my fancy im pretty sure there are lots of other people that loves TAC
>> No. 8633
File 153152621451.jpg - (87.98KB , 750x1000 , Julia-Jule 14yo by Adolf Unger - 642.jpg )
From my blog: Julia (Jule) is another of Adolf W. Unger's German models. Here's Julia at 14 and completely topfree.
>> No. 8669
File 15316422105.jpg - (281.27KB , 1536x2048 , e165889ffb9d3ff1dba18e2b4e8ff6b3.jpg )
Cherise 16, British model from topless16

>> No. 8705
File 153180869358.jpg - (157.09KB , 750x1000 , Julia-Jule 14yo by Adolf Unger - a1.jpg )
From my blog: It helps for a model to have most of her clothes off in order to show skin textures and shadows. Also, I think Julia's nipples look nicest in this set. Again at 14.
>> No. 8741
File 153206703140.jpg - (1.25MB , 2048x2895 , set07-059.jpg )
Here is the earliest Christine I have, set 7.
This might be her first topless, but I don't know.
dl: http://dl.free.fr/fp4TDLePM
pw: kasumi
>> No. 8742
Nice to see you here, TAC.
Do you have the full set of this pic, or even just a few more pics? I have never seen the full set, just that one pic.
>> No. 8743
File 153206922335.jpg - (1.29MB , 1024x1448 , set08-112s.jpg )
This is set 8, the earliest pussy set that I have.
She does a full strip from blouse + skirt + panties + shoes to naked and barefoot.
Basically, it's like a strip that you would see in a strip club, but the girl is only 15!
dl: http://dl.free.fr/i8hnTov61
pw: kasumi
>> No. 8752
Thank you very much Christine. I even was a member on her site but somehow managed to lose everything I had (even videos)

Let me fill in Set 6 and 9 - 11

Set 6

Set 9

Set 10

Set 11
>> No. 8788
>> No. 8794
File 153250215163.jpg - (164.43KB , 750x1000 , Julia14_September2005_a2.jpg )
I have this second picture from that set too.

>>8743 "it's like a strip that you would see in a strip club, but the girl is only 15!"

That's the way it ought to be.
>> No. 8801

Sorry, I forgot. If there even IS a password, then it should be "starship"
>> No. 8902
File 15334420977.jpg - (404.46KB , 2483x975 , strip5.jpg )
Many thanks, TAC. It's nice to have new pictures of Julia.
I see that was taken on September 23, 2005. She was at most 14 years and 4 months old then, because pictures advertising her as 13 were taken as late as May 21, 2005.
I also very much like this little partial striptease, from September 3, 2005.
14-year-old strippers can be just as good as 15-year-old strippers -- or better!
>> No. 9097
File 153433067645.jpg - (136.68KB , 768x1024 , BTM_05-044.jpg )
Sharing another photo of Wendy I found online
>> No. 9141
File 153461853935.jpg - (221.07KB , 1536x2048 , cherise2.jpg )
Cherise schoolgirl

>> No. 9367
Thanks so much for Christine too.

Someone mentioned they lost Christine's vids. Here's a vid.
It looks like the same villa she was in for pics on her Christine15 site, and she looks similar, so she could be 15 here too. If it was later, for Smile-Models, she could be 16 or 17.
Top, skirt and panties -> naked strip.
>> No. 9419
Thx a lot for Christin vid and please more :-)
>> No. 9447
It must have been an exhaustive search... But you have finally found the world's shittiest host.

>> No. 9551
File 153655575183.jpg - (101.37KB , 1200x800 , Christine-14-134.jpg )
More Christine15
This is set 14. Unfortunately the pictures are smaller, about half the height and width of the normal ones. Someone must have shrunk them to cut down the size. But... the pics are still good.
pw: kasumi
>> No. 9552
File 15365561969.jpg - (49.70KB , 1200x800 , Christine-15-211.jpg )
And set 15, also small-format pix.
pw: kasumi
>> No. 9554
File 153655834949.jpg - (386.13KB , 3072x2048 , Christine-16-154.jpg )
Set 16, finally back to large format. Probably my favorite set.
pw: kasumi
>> No. 9590
File 153686444883.jpg - (0.96MB , 2048x3072 , ck.jpg )
Charlie and Kaysie from the old 17-teens website

>> No. 9631
File 153715245494.jpg - (1.37MB , 1200x1800 , 1532496740543-4.jpg )
bump for more teens. thank you for the efforts so far.
>> No. 9648
File 153725288620.jpg - (336.84KB , 1536x2048 , Sarah-Wendy 15yo - BTM club - special-guest_210.jpg )
From my blog: "Wendy" at 15
>> No. 9649
File 153725290721.jpg - (274.83KB , 1536x2048 , Sarah-Wendy 15yo - BTM club - special-guest_218.jpg )
From my blog: "Wendy" at 15
>> No. 9662
You rule, TAC. Too bad I didn't get to know your Blog.
>> No. 9688
Do any vids exist of MM with Viktoria or other models?
>> No. 9816
Fore the like minded, this is truly a great point. All the CP is lame. Let's get things going on this post again. Countdown, Bravo, other.
>> No. 9859
>> No. 9960

reup please
>> No. 9961

reup, please.
>> No. 10054
File 153954466455.jpg - (526.39KB , 2048x3072 , Christine 15yo set10-111.jpg )
>> No. 10124
File 153993808594.jpg - (572.55KB , 2502x1666 , 0544244135.jpg )
TAC, you're the internet's greatest hero, this is an amazing thread!

Ever since I first found the TAC document, the True Teen Breasts CD sold by True Teen Babes has been a holy grail for me. I've never been able to find any more info, let alone pics or a rip of the CD. Could you, or anyone else reading, possibly provide more?

Leaked topless pic of 16yo Tessa Nicole, 17yo Spring Ann, and Kandace Monroe (possibly 18+) semi-related, same studio but later time period.
>> No. 10133
great thread!! thanks for all the sets!!

more from RAM TP and AMO customs too if you have them plz.
>> No. 10150
File 15402090827.jpg - (409.80KB , 1000x1500 , D_BritniUSA_TTBspecialCD_1.jpg )
Attached photo: Britni, 16yo, completely topless, from TrueTeen Breasts

I made some more additions to the TAC document last week. I didn't forget about it. There is just too much remaining to process! For example, yesterday I found a nice still frame of Mellany topless in her video #30: https://truepic.org/CowzTo
>> No. 10151
File 15402095466.jpg - (401.19KB , 1000x1500 , D_BritniUSA_TTBspecialCD_3.jpg )
Britni, 16yo, naked, from TrueTeen Breasts
>> No. 10152
File 154020963089.jpg - (1.14MB , 1000x1500 , D_BritniUSA_TTBspecialCD_2.jpg )
Attached photo: Britni, 16yo, topless again, from TrueTeen Breasts
>> No. 10153
File 154021013760.jpg - (269.56KB , 1000x1500 , D_AnnaMarieUSA_TTBspecialCD_2.jpg )
I hope you enjoy those three photos of Britni Elaine Wright I posted above.

Attached photo: Anna Marie Bell, 16yo, showing both nipples, from TrueTeen Breasts
>> No. 10160


It's so good to discover the CD is actually out there! Is there any possible way we could get the whole thing? Anxiously awaiting the next version of the doc, TAC, you're the best!

truebabes1 at protonmail dot com
>> No. 10175

Does anyone have Anna Marie Bell? She's cute as hell.. (rhyme not intended!)Love that long beautiful hair..
>> No. 10206
TAC, do you know marvelcharm girls ages?
>> No. 10210
Yes, I do know many of them, and that’s part of the problem I’ve had with too much data to process.
>> No. 10228
>>8246 JUDY! Thanks for the memories.

Have been searching for the hidden16 masturbation set (as described by TAC) for years. But never managed to find it. Lost forever?
>> No. 10229
if you use waybackmachine and look at marvelcharm girls from previous websites, you can guess
>> No. 10334
File 154131469176.jpg - (44.00KB , 450x390 , Judy smile-models_com 11-14-2008 sps09-preview.jpg )
Here are some previews for you....
>> No. 10335
File 154131474095.jpg - (14.06KB , 200x300 , Judy smile-models_com 11-14-2008 new3.jpg )
>> No. 10336
File 154131479985.jpg - (25.54KB , 200x300 , Judy smile-models_com 11-14-2008 new2.jpg )
>> No. 10337
File 154131491178.jpg - (72.45KB , 900x300 , Judy smile-models_com 11-14-2008 header-sps09.jpg )
Judy's special set SPS09 from 14 November 2008 was described as her first-ever masturbation photo set and she looks 16 years old in it; her entire body is exposed from the front and back, and the webmaster enthusiastically wrote "See how she enjoy it to stimulate her self during a hot shower and how she finally insert one / two fingers deep inside her sweet wet pussy, well known that the camera is there to capture all her feelings... including some great close up's... Get this milestone in Judys career..."
>> No. 10346

these look fantastic!! Hope someone here opens the teasure chest and shares
>> No. 10357
TAC, is there any way to get some of the rare older content you seem to be the only one who has? We're all collectors and devotees of your incredible document, anxiously looking forward to the next edition, and I very much appreciate the preivews you're sharing in this thread, but how can we ever hope to see the full sets and videos you talk about?
>> No. 10392
File 154174998722.jpg - (128.41KB , 800x1200 , Judy_set09_1.jpg )
>>10357 I don't know what you want in particular. Maybe some of us have it or maybe not. I currently have some of the special limited-edition contents from these sites and clubs but not all of it. Some of those items I won't upload here, such as a special hot Judy set where the photographer overlaid my name on the photos.

Hey did you all see Aleksandra (14 years old) showing her tit in her Star Sessions video 11? https://155chan.gr/hebe/src/15415544278.png That makes that site listable too. As if I didn't have enuf work remaining already, lol.
>> No. 10396
File 154179251292.jpg - (435.89KB , 2048x3072 , Christine-17-014.jpg )
This thread is amazing - keep it going. Trying to give back, not sure if this set is complete etc

pw b00b13s
>> No. 10399

Who the hell gives out their real name when paying for this stuff?
>> No. 10400
TAC: if you can't get a new version out soon, could you at least share the most recent version? I can't find it anywhere online.
>> No. 10401
If TAC isn't coming out with a new version soon, could someone at least share version 18? I can't find it anywhere online.
>> No. 10409
File 154186540676.jpg - (253.79KB , 960x1280 , Patrycia 14yo from Germany - xm-amateurs_com amate.jpg )
TAC's naked adolescent teen girl models directory
18th edition, 29 December 2015
TACv18 has been hosted at https://mountfile.net/vx97vF4 for over 2 years.

Please be patient while I continue to work through some more of the new material for TACv19. It's not exactly my highest priority this year.
>> No. 10410
fuck mountfile
>> No. 10497
File 154195393738.png - (180.10KB , 240x358 , Screenshot from 2018-11-11 16-28-13.png )
For the Judy Fans:

The only "Special Set" I came across so far is "Special Set No 18" - it's incomplete, sadly. If anybody has a complete version or other SPs, please share

>> No. 10498
anyone got new marvelcharm Mila masturbation vid
>> No. 10499

I just spent 20 minutes trying to download a 2MB file because their retarded CAPTCHA is broken. I agree, fuck that website.
>> No. 10500
anon(!)file com/vb0aVbk0b8/tacv18_zip
>> No. 10529

I can't speak for anyone else, but I'd kill to see the full True Teen Breasts CD! I've been looking for years and those previews you posted are the only thing I've ever seen from it!

Thanks to all who've contributed to this amazing thread, but especially TAC!

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