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/sw/ ~ Jane Fleur
File 152225396244.jpg - (52.13KB , 648x972 , IMG_9302.jpg )
8918 No. 8918
need more of her underage pictures. if available please post her hardcore sets...
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>> No. 11444
File 154668395067.jpg - (120.28KB , 1000x1000 , jf6.jpg )
>> No. 11445
And just to clear it up, Jane Fleur refused to have sex with Marx, the only thing she allowed him to do was to slip his finger inside her pussy. No videos, though, only pics.
>> No. 11452
well i guess all those rumours i read about her having sex whit MM is basicly just that, rumours, i have seen NOTHING that proves otherwise and i been searching for years, spoken to ppl ( hell i even wrote whit someone that meet him and they exchanged idea's how to trick models into photoshoots )that actually bought from MM when he was active and they all say the same thing, that sex was a no no.
BUT, i have no clue whatsoever about Krusse and VIP, same rumours fly around and we are all fumbling in the dark.....
Guess seh's the one that "got away".
>> No. 11453
those screencaps are basicly the pictures i have aswell.

there will be no new content from this model, thats what i predict.
>> No. 11454
File 154669342513.png - (412.34KB , 1426x800 , Janina by TK.png )
OK guys, thats also my informations, that she has never done any HC with MM.

So all our hope is in the unknown shoots with TK an VIP. So I have here a screenshot of images of shoots with TK. All images in the last row I don't have.
Anyone here with these images?

Thanks a lot!
>> No. 11459
i know this isen't the right place to ask but this is the only thread where Michael Marx is mentioned i'll just go and ask the question here.
Does anyone know who he fucked ?
Does anyone know how many models he had ?
Does anyone have any sets about these models ?
Sometimes when i see threads pop up it's mostly about Jane , but ppl rarely mention the other models he had, Anne; Angelie, Franzi, Annabell, Babsi, Donata, Valora those are the models more know to the public, but who else know anymore models ?
I see some pics pop up here and there but never anything big, like sets.
>> No. 11491
In some other Anon Board there was a List of all known girls with fucked or not and HC pics or not.
Can someone please Upload here the Sets of the girls or janina.
>> No. 11516
>> No. 11523
vola room is a bad idea, it will only be removed for illegal content as fast as jane is mentioned, happend before and will happen again.
Beside, no one ever share anything new,the same pic/sets get uploaded over and over.
And i don't mean that in a bad way, i think that those that go to that room doesen't have anything new, all those that have those special sets avoid room/threads like this and that vola room.
>> No. 11524
can you be so kind to point me into the right direction to that list ?
I would give my left pinky to see a full list of all he's models and who did what whit him.
>> No. 11557
But the site is down
>> No. 11558
OH, that one, i can't remember they talking about that, but it was all in dutch (?) language and i had to use a translater so i guess i missed alot of the actual talking.
>> No. 11569
it would be nice if you'd share your collections with us that don't have any of these pictures.
>> No. 11586
I'm sorry but i have nothing, oitherwise i would share.
>> No. 11587
Are there any other photographers who have made such pictures, I do not mean by her but comparable German girls
>> No. 11588
There are hc pics online somewhere
>> No. 11596
File 154711268749.jpg - (413.08KB , 2592x3888 , ab_11.jpg )
Anne Rubin hardcore exists
>> No. 11601
More PLEASE, i beg of you!
>> No. 11604
yes, they were more than just friends for a while
>> No. 11605
oh. my. god.
who else were he more then "friends" whit?!
>> No. 11606
File 154715041922.jpg - (358.34KB , 1000x1000 , mm.jpg )
Oh, he had a couple of girls who were more than just friends..
>> No. 11607
oh my frigging god!
thank you.
>> No. 11621
for the love of god, more! please.
>> No. 11634
link please
>> No. 11640
No point in asking for links, those who has these sets will not give it up for free, they are to rare to just give up for free.
We are probably just scratching the surface when it comes to the public sets, there are probably way way more that we have never seen.
I seen random pictures here and there ( probably more then over 200 pictures ) , and all those pictures belong to a set, just take a look at this thread, all these pictures that are shown here are part of a bigger set, and we just see a couple off them.
>> No. 11651
bla bla bla, that may be all but the whole sets were where pictures were shown by all in other forums and even in vola boards to see, I have these pictures but not saved so I can not show you. many think that they only want to swap, what the hell is the whole
>> No. 11678
so guys, is anyone willing to swap pictures or show them here?
>> No. 11684
Swap? Of course. You start.
>> No. 11775
Come on guys
>> No. 11777
There is a movie where she lies on the red sack and is fingered by MM. So, there is much more them we all knowing :-)
>> No. 11783
so there IS a video, i read about it but when it comes to jane i take everything whit a big spoon of salt.
I seen a few pictures wheres she's on that red sack but thats all i seen.
>> No. 11786
Fake News.... perhaps
>> No. 11787
@11777 How do you know that there exist such a video ? Where do you get you'r info from, source, you talked whit MM when he was active ?
I'm not calling you a lier but more often then not there are ppl out there that when it comes to MM and he's models they usualy just make things up in hope that it's real.
>> No. 11802
File 154843026657.jpg - (422.30KB , 2592x3888 , jf.jpg )
Guys get over it, there is no video of Jane Fleur. Never has been, never will be. You will have to settle for pictures.
>> No. 11950
Dang.... I know her, she was the former treasurer from the Youth Union in Dithmarschen (Northern Germany). I´m quite shocked
>> No. 12011



full set please

thanks a lot
>> No. 12021
>> No. 12223
>> No. 12360
>> No. 12466
File 155080440030.jpg - (32.81KB , 480x605 , 13592324_256638261373951_1664516651811726243.jpg )
Any more of this set ?
>> No. 12491
yes of course
>> No. 12572
would you share it with us?
>> No. 12595
sorry, I do not have the images, it's >12466
>> No. 12638
File 155163277644.jpg - (53.12KB , 426x768 , Janine-354.jpg )
Only clothed.
>> No. 12639
File 155163285332.jpg - (64.01KB , 396x695 , Janine-573.jpg )
>> No. 12640
File 155163289024.jpg - (34.91KB , 474x768 , Janine-611.jpg )
Last one
>> No. 12641
Finally something i never seen before, thanks mate!
>> No. 12668
Thanks 👍
>> No. 12770
File 155208377946.jpg - (220.63KB , 855x1282 , 10.jpg )
>> No. 12771
File 155208382326.jpg - (124.63KB , 600x900 , 11.jpg )

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